A revised, more acceptable, version of the Punch and Judy Show.
Judy now wears the pants, or rather, a power suit, because she now goes out to work leaving a subservient, and ninety percent reformed, Mr. Punch to deal with the household. That means looking after the baby, the laundry, and the crocodile that lives in the basement.
In this story, Queen Victoria arrives at short notice at the Punch and Judy residence. It is Mister Punch's turn to be honoured. He does his best to entertain Her Majesty but, as usual, things go seriously wrong.
30 minutes or whatever
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Not for the faint-hearted or politically correct!
An alternative

When I first started to perform with puppets in Canada, I approached schools with the idea of presenting the traditional English Punch and Judy Show. No way! It was rejected on the grounds that there was too much violence. I tried to explain, without success, that all good stories contain conflict but it did not work. North American culture is not the same as the British who have been watching Punch and Judy shows for three hundred years.
Authentic Punch and Judy shows are noisy and violent. The anti-hero has no shame. With a big stick – the original slap-stick – he beats up everyone: his wife, the baby, Toby, his dog. He does not spare his friend Scaramouche, a constable, priest, all in brutal yet comedic fashion.
So, I stopped performing the traditional Punch and Judy and wrote politically correct versons.
Now, I only allow Punch to go out in public in his new show, and only at Halloween, medieval fairs, or puppetry workshops.