Just as Scotland has its Loch Ness monster, British Columbia has the OGOPOGO. This fabulous creature inhabits the deep waters of Lake Okanagan. More than forty years ago a reward of one million dollars was offered for its capture. The reward has never been collected.
The Ogopogo’s Tale is an action-packed story that tells of a brave search for the creature by CAPTAIN PADDY, a retired captain of a lake steamer. He is given stern warnings by CONSTABLE BLUENOSE, as well as problems from swarming bees, collapsing deckchairs and TOBY, a pup with a nose for sausages. Paddy’s friend PIP, his little sister BLISTER and a pup called TOBY contribute to the fun and games. The audience is encouraged to join in and frequently influence the outcome of the story.
30 minutes
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