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The giant saxophone flew again in the Puppets For Peace parade.
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Under the skin of the saxophone in Ray’s workshop
The scene at left from The Ogopogo’s Tale illustrates my special interest in puppetry, writing and music.
All of these skills were incorporated into the play: writing the story, making puppets, building scenery and stages, composing, playing and recording the music. After all that, I insisted on performing the darn thing.
And I loved it.
Puppetry has always been my consuming interest . Even while I was working in television, I found time to make rod and string puppets for my kids, and I appeared regularly on children’s television shows.
I spend more time on music than puppetry right now but I am still making puppets, thinking about puppets. If you would like to discuss puppetry with me, please get in touch.
In September 2015, puppeteers once again showed their work at Puppet Central in the Bay Centre..


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