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I am still playing tenor saxophone and chromatic harmonicas. I recently added an alto saxophone to my collection and I was intrigued by an electronic instrument - an Akei electronic wind instrument.

I am fortunate in my new abode in Victoria – a great space in the basement of a music-friendly old house. So far, nobody has complained about the music. In fact, I have had a few compliments.
Once in a while I play at a friend's house. Edward Butterworth calls it an acoustic musical jam. It is also a social occasion with dancing, a lot of conversation and a potluck supper. I usually take perogies or devilled eggs. Bachelor offerings. Most of the musicians are guitarist so I get to practise in their keys like E, A, D, the ones on the opposite side of the horns on the circle of fifths. Another good thing is that I have a musical friend, Mike Wells. Mike plays good jazz guitar. He likes Django and the old jazz standards. We play well together. Mike has taken up the BAYAN a kind of button accordion and has been to Romania to learn more about that country’s accordion music.

Music in many shapes and sizes

Prior to 2013, I lived in Kelowna where for seven years I ran an activity Basement Musicians Circles. It was a five dollar drop-in and welcomed a wide range of musicians, singers and composers.
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An evening of jazz in Kelowna with my Basement Musicians friends: Darryl Ruff on piano and Joe Hipkin on guitar and vocals. I miss those guys.
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I held a great party on my eightieth birthday. Some of my new and old musician friends played dance music but not too many of the thirty guests danced.
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I have played several instruments with a high degree of mediocrity. This is a guitarron I found in Mexico, as used by mariachi bands. I just had to modify it and try to play it like a stand-up bass.
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