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These are the good old songs from the low nineteen hundreds up to the Beatles, say from 1900 - 1970.
Check our Playlist.
If you have a suggestion for a song, give Ray a call so we can prepare for the next session.
If you play an instrument, sing, or just want to be there, please call Ray Turner at 250-217-9676

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EARLY DAYS The expressions on these children’s faces give me a great deal of pleasure. They were part of the first audience for “The Ogopogo’s Tale” performed in Kelowna City Park. July 1984.
Old age and changing interests have persuaded me to take a rest from puppetry. I turn out to the Festival in Victoria each September. I usually find a jazz band to march along with, carrying my giant Saxophone. My mind continues to think like a puppeteer.
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BAJA BY CHANCE WITH A SAXOPHONE Like many musicians, Ray Turner taught himself to play by ear, resisting the beaten path of conventional music instruction. He could carry a tune, but he had a defect: he never learned to read sheet music. Surprisingly, at the age of seventy, he decided to make a change. From British Columbia, he drove off in a camper van with a book called Learn To Read Music and a tenor saxophone.
Camping in Baja was something he knew about and loved. He was sure he could study in a sunny place with quiet, pleasant surroundings. And burritos . . . then he found himself writing about his travels. An eBook Baja By Chance With A Saxophone was the result.