I was born in London, England in 1934. For the next eighty years I lived in countries all around the world. I was a weekly boarder at a posh school in Capetown, South Africa, also went to Harrow – not the fancy one up on the hill, but the grammar school in town.
     In my working life, I pressed steel balls into ball point pens, flew airplanes not very well for the Royal Air Force in Zimbabwe, and became a pretty good television director and film editor in Africa (twice), New Zealand, and Canada (twice.) Along the way, I got married (once), had children (thrice), enjoyed some really great jobs in film, theatre and television. My last real job was managing a community cable TV studio in Kelowna. I was there for seven years. Then I fell out of love with television and fell for the art of puppetry.
Ray Turner
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      This scene from my puppet play,
The Treasure Of Grizzly Mountain, illustrates three of my interests: writing, puppetry, and music. All of these were incorporated into the play: writing the story, making puppets, building scenery, and stages, composing, playing and recording the music. After all that, I insisted on performing the darn thing. And I loved it.
     The one-man show of Ray Turner Puppets began in Kelowna, then travelled to Victoria and San Diego. I also worked at Camp Narnia on Salt Spring Island where I gave puppetry workshops and devised program activities. Towards the end, I found myself dressed as a wizard, shepherding kids through the forest in an adventure game. Curiously, those activities paid the way for myself and my family,
     During a two year stint as a puppeteer in San Diego I strengthened my interest in
music by buying a saxophone and vacationing in Baja California, Mexico. In Kelowna, I hosted a drop-in music group called Basement Musicians Circles. I now host Friday Vintage Jams in Victoria.

     While travelling in a van and studying the tenor sax, I began
writing road notes for a book Baja By Chance. In the process, I became a fan of technology, learned about desktop publishing and built my own website.
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    At the present time
     I have returned to Victoria and met up with old friends, and found some new ones in my pursuits of
music, writing and puppetry. I live in a music-friendly old house in Fernwood, trying to grow old gracefully.

Ray Turner    November 2016